A Bail Bonding Agency in Cleburne Texas can Expedite a Jail Release

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Bail Bondsman

There’s nothing more distressing than receiving a call that a loved one has been arrested and taken to jail. Without being familiar with the process of posting bail, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing. That’s when a Bail Bonding Agency in Cleburne Texas can offer valuable assistance. They are familiar with the local system can expedite a release from jail, sometimes within hours. A company such as Rogers Bail Bonds, who is a family owned and locally operated company, is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and assist with posting bail.

Securing a Release

When a person is arrested, bail money must be paid before the defendant can be released from jail. A Bail Bonding Agency in Cleburne Texas can speed up the process since they work daily with the local court system and know what’s required to secure a release. A bail bondsman acts on a defendant’s behalf to make the necessary arrangements with the court and secures a release by guaranteeing that the defendant will attend all required court appearances.


A bail is a form of collateral that helps to secure the temporary release of an individual from jail while awaiting trial. This sometimes requires that a large amount of money be posted as a bond for the release to take place. When working with a bail bond agency, the bail bondsman will post a surety bond for the defendant, which in effect makes the bond agent responsible for the defendant attending all required court appearances as a condition of the release. The bail bondsman is paid a fee by the defendant to act on his behalf.

Recovering Bail Money

When bail is posted, it is done so to ensure that the defendant will attend all court dates about his case. If any required appearances are missed, the bail money will become nonrefundable, and an arrest warrant will be issued for the defendant. If all court appearances are attended, the bail money is returned to the person who paid it less any processing fees, whether or not the outcome of the case found the defendant guilty or innocent.

A bail bond agency can make a difficult time easier for an individual who is trying to secure a release from jail. Knowing who to call in a time of need can expedite the process and ensure that everything is filed correctly with the court.

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