A Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV Helps Couples Complete Arrangements Before Summary Filing

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Divorce Lawyer

A Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV can help couples sort out legal issues connected with ending the marriage. Financial assets, real estate and child custody are common issues that must be decided on before petitioning the court for a summary divorce in this state.


For instance, some assets cannot really be divided. A savings account can be split in half, but a vacation cottage cannot. If one spouse wants to keep the cottage, this person may have to pay half of its value to the other spouse. However, such precision is not always necessary. The two may be able to total up their combined assets and divide the monetary value in half.

Child Custody

Sometimes child custody becomes a contentious issue. If the parents will not be living close to each other, trying to share physical custody can be very difficult. Travel time must be considered, and kids tend to start rebelling against spending every weekend away from home as they get older. Mediation or collaborative sessions arranged by a Divorce Law Firm in Summerlin NV may be necessary to sort out what is best for the youngsters.

Time Frame

One aspect that is a relief to many people who want to get a divorce is the speediness of the process in Nevada. They don’t have to stay married for very long once they file. In a summary divorce, in which the couple files together and has documented all their agreements regarding assets and custody, the divorce can be final in as little as one week.

That’s a distinct difference from most other states, where finalization can take anywhere from three to six months. Some states also require couples to be separated for a certain length of time before they can file for divorce. This is not the case in Nevada.

Moving Forward

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and painful emotional experiences a person ever goes through. It’s the end of a dream and, often, a person’s closest relationship. This major life change can be a tough one, but a new future awaits. Having the legal details handled by a law firm such as Pintar Albiston LLP helps reduce some of the stress involved. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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