Can An Accident Attorney in Annapolis Get You More Compensation?

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Lawyers

Being involved in an accident can bring a lot of chaos to a person’s life. Accidents that cause injuries that prevent work are especially problematic. An individual could fall behind on their mortgage or rent. It’s a sad reality that accidents can lead to homelessness. There are also medical bills to consider. Pain and suffering is yet another consideration. Injured individuals have every right to seek compensation.

Getting Help

An Accident Attorney in Annapolis can indeed help a person who is injured with their compensation claim, but an injured person might need some other help. They might need help with making meals, shopping, and cleaning. An injured person might need help getting to and from medical appointments. Friends and family can help so that a person has less stress to deal with. With less stress, a person won’t be as tempted to accept low settlement offers.


If a person doesn’t contact an Accident Attorney in Annapolis soon enough, they get pressured into accepting a settlement offer. The other party might offer a settlement directly, or an insurance representative might make the offer. Initial offers are usually low, especially when an attorney isn’t involved in the case. An injured person who is having a tough time with their injury because of lack of help might feel like taking a low offer is the best thing to do. Indeed, taking a low offer can offer immediate help, but it can hurt a person’s future.

The Future

When a person takes a low settlement offer, they are usually not thinking about the future. What happens to the medical bills a person might have a year or two down the road? What if the injury ends up being chronic and requires years of medical treatment? What about adequate compensation for time lost at work? What about pain and suffering? Those are just some of the issues that an attorney will consider when seeking a settlement. That’s why it’s best for an injured party to seek the help of a place like Jaklitsch Law Group.

Injured individuals should get legal advice when it comes to any settlement offers. A lawyer should be used to represent an injured party’s interests.

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