Filing A Lawsuit With A Workers Compensation Attorney Greeley CO

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Lawyers

In Colorado, worker’s compensation insurance is required by federal laws if an employer hires more than one worker. The insurance covers all worker-related accidents and injuries. It pays for medical expenses and offers wage replacement. A Workers Compensation Attorney Greeley CO helps any worker who is denied the benefits by their employer.

Who Qualifies for Benefits?

Workers who are injured on the job qualify for coverage through worker’s compensation insurance. If the worker cannot return to work immediately, monetary benefits are available to replace their wages. When an accident happens, a claim is filed, and a claims adjuster reviews the details.

What Disqualifies Workers for Benefits?

Workers who cause their own injuries won’t receive coverage or benefits. An assessment of the accident determines what percentage of fault applies. For example, if the worker purposely ignored safety standards, the claim is denied for worker’s compensation benefits. Under the conditions, the worker places themselves in harm’s way, and they are liable for their own injuries.

How Company Policies Affect Claims

Safety policies dictate the responsibilities of workers and employers. For example, workers are required to keep their work area clean to prevent tripping hazards in retail settings. Workers are required to wear slip-resistant footwear where flooring is slippery. The company outlines drug and alcohol policies, and the repercussions that apply if workers violate the policies.

What to Do if the Worker is Denied

Attorneys recommend a full assessment of the claim if the claim is denied. The worker brings all documentation available for their claim and all correspondences from the insurer. The insurer is required to send a letter stating exactly why the claim was denied. If the worker has a viable claim, the attorney helps them file a lawsuit.

In Colorado, worker’s compensation insurance is necessary to cover work-related accidents with injuries. It protects companies against the liabilities and gives workers the coverage they need. The policies offer full coverage for medical expenses and monetary benefits. A claims adjuster determines if the worker is eligible after the claim is submitted. Workers who need more info about claims contact a Workers Compensation Attorney Greeley CO at Richard Blundell Law Offices or click Here today.

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