What To Expect After Metro Accidents In Annapolis

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Lawyers

In Maryland, metro accidents frequently lead to extensive injuries for multiple victims. The cause of the accident defines the fault and determines what party is liable. Extensive investigations are conducted by the Maryland Transit Authority. Local attorneys help victims of Metro Accidents in Annapolis file lawsuits to collect compensation for their injuries.

Immediate Emergency Care

All victims who sustained injuries are transported to a local hospital for immediate medical care. Doctors aren’t allowed to discuss any patient’s medical treatment or injuries with any representative of the Maryland Transit Authority. Victims and their families aren’t required to speak to the representatives.

A Complete Investigation of the Accident

The Maryland Transit Authority conducts a complete investigation of the accident to determine the exact cause of the incident. If the findings indicate a failure by the authority, the victims are entitled to compensation through the authority itself. Once fault is established, the transit authority acts quickly to mitigate a potential financial loss.

Interviews with the Transit Authority

A common strategy used by the transit authority is to conduct interviews with the victims at the hospital. A representative determines the exact location of each passenger. They collect information about the injuries and potential medical costs. The strategy is used to get victims to accept a lowball offer and settle out of court. It is recommended that victims refrain from speaking to any transit authority representative without legal counsel.

Filing a Lawsuit

When there are multiple metro accident victims, a class-action lawsuit may be filed. Victims with serious injuries go to court first. Settlements are collected for more than one litigant in each case. The total amount awarded to the victims depends on their injuries and how the injuries affect their lives.

In Maryland, metro accidents are often caused by faulty equipment, exhausted drivers, and mechanical failures. The Maryland Transit Authority is responsible for maintaining public transportation and ensuring the safety of all passengers. A failure to maintain the system property makes the authority liable for all injuries. Medical evidence offers substantial support for legal claims. Victims of Metro Accidents in Annapolis can contact an attorney at the Jaklitsch Law Group and schedule a consultation now.

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