In Need of a Car Accident Lawyer in Huntington, WV

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Lawyers

The chances of a person being injured in an automobile accident are great the more the driver is on the road. When injured in an automobile accident, persons need to be aware of what the laws are regarding automobile accidents in the state or commonwealth in which the accident occurs.

A car accident lawyer in Huntington, WV represents clients who have been involved in car accidents in West Virginia and wants them to understand what to do after the accident. Here is a look at what options are available after a car accident in West Virginia.

What to Do after Car Accidents in West Virginia

In West Virginia, the person who caused the accident is responsible to pay for any damages or injuries to the party that was injured in the accident. The injured party or party who was hit can file an insurance claim with the party at fault or the injured party can file with own insurance. In these accidents, the comparative negligence rule comes into play, meaning that if the injured party is found to be 51 percent or more at fault, no compensation will be awarded.

Other Factors to Consider after Car Accidents in West Virginia

If a party is injured in an automobile accident, West Virginia has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident and injury to file a lawsuit. If the party fails to file the lawsuit in that time period, any chance of having the case heard will probably be gone, as well as the chance to be compensated because of the injuries sustained in the accident. It is important to follow the timeline for such accidents.

A Law Firm in West Virginia for Car Accidents

There are many law firms in West Virginia that will handle a car accident case or lawsuit for a client. Stapleton Law Offices is a law firm in the Huntington, West Virginia area that represents clients involved in car accidents. If a person is looking for a car accident lawyer in Huntington WV, the law firm is available. Interested parties can visit online at the website  for more information.

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