Injured on the Job in Ft Pierce, Florida: Understand Your Rights

Injured on the Job in Ft Pierce, Florida: Understand Your Rights

While working on the assembly line inside the warehouse, you move a box and injure your back. This work scenario occurs daily nationwide in the United States of America. You report the incident to your employer. Then you go home and think everything will be fine. Only to notice the next day that your back is in tremendous pain. Subsequently, you take sick time from work and visit the doctor. The physician advises you regarding injuries and the treatment plan.

At this point in time, it is pertinent to understand your rights. Navigating the workman’s compensation system alone can be a burden. It is important to contact an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney Ft. Pierce, FL online or through Facebook.

Florida Workers Compensation Act

The FWCA was designed to be a “no-fault” wage replacement system. It would pay you medical benefits and lost wages while you recuperate from your injuries. The FWCA did not assign blame to any party for the worker’s injuries. Matheson & Horowitz understands the FWCA. Even though this act exists, many times insurance companies deny claims. Sometimes things don’t work they should. A Workers Compensation Attorney Ft. Pierce, FL will examine your case and inform you of your rights.


It is important to have legal counsel to guide you through the system. Matheson & Horowitz understands the complex legal system. You are more likely to get a satisfactory settlement with an attorney than by navigating the legal process alone. If you settle with the insurance company without representation, you may waive your rights to additional monetary compensation once your case is closed. You could lose rights to unemployment compensation and disability income.

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