Learning More About Separation From a Family Attorney in Temecula, CA Can Prevent Legal Mistakes

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Lawyers

If you are thinking of separating in your marriage, are you familiar with the laws in California that cover this subject? The best way to ensure a fair future divorce and settlement is to learn more about separation online.

Obtaining a Legal Separation in California

If you talk to a family attorney in Temecula, CA, he or she will tell you that you can either file for a legal separation or a divorce. If you file for a legal separation, you can divide your debts and assets as you would if you were divorced. Legally, however, you are still married.

Dividing the Assets and Debts

When you contact an attorney at a law practice such as Clark & Gomez, Attorneys at Law, you may divide the assets during a separation. However, you will not officially part ways as you do in a divorce. You can choose to live together or live in separate residences.

A family attorney will help you establish a date of separation. The date sets forth that you as a spouse wish to create a break in your marriage. This date determines what each spouse will receive in interest in property. Property owned or acquired by a couple before the separation date will be divided half and half. This is automatically put into effect unless the couple decides on a different percentage.

An Important Undertaking

Ask a family attorney about any property bought by a spouse after separation. It should be the spouse’s property. However, if it was acquired using the funds of both spouses, it should be divided 50/50. You can see that you have a lot to consider, especially when dividing assets or paying debts.

You can learn more about your options and legal rights by working directly with a family law professional. While you can fill out forms on your own or seek information from the state, using the services of an attorney gives you a greater opportunity to realize a fair division of property.

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