Starting A Dog Attack Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Royal Palm Beach, FL

Starting A Dog Attack Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Royal Palm Beach, FL

In Florida, dog attack cases are often the result of mismanagement of the animal. City ordinances require the pet owners to use leashes and enclosures when dogs are outside. A failure to maintain control over the dog creates liabilities for the pet owners. A Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL assists victims of dog attacks.

Finding the Animal and Reporting the Attack

The first step is finding the animal and reporting the attack. Medical doctors report dog attacks when the victim visits their office for medical treatment. The laws require the doctors to report any dog if the victim doesn’t know if the animal was vaccinated or not.
Why are Quarantines Needed?

Quarantines are necessary for any animal that wasn’t vaccinated and attacked a human. The law requires a 12-day quarantine since it is the incubation period for the rabies virus. A licensed vet must complete the quarantine and report their findings to the animal control officer.

What Happens to the Dog?

The animal control officer reviews the vet’s notes about the animal. Typically, the animal control officer needs to know if the dog presents a risk to the public. Any animal that has rabies is euthanized as they are a serious risk to everyone. Dogs with an aggressive temperament could present a risk if the animal has a history of violent behaviors.

Calculating the Total Award for the Victim

The total award for the victim in a dog attack case equates to the financial losses they incur. Medical expenses, lost wages, and any ongoing expenses are calculated to present the base award expected. However, in some areas, a strict liability applies if the dog has a history of violence. With a strict liability, the pet owner is required to pay certain tort-based awards.

In Florida, dog attacks present two different arguments when the cases go to court. Any victim that is injured during the commission of a crime is ineligible for any monetary award. If found guilty of trespassing or cruelty to the animal, the victim doesn’t receive any money. Victims who have a viable claim contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Royal Palm Beach FL or Click Here now.