Three Ways to Ask for a Paternity Test if You’re Not Quite Sure

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Attorneys

You have every right to ask for paternity tests Coral Springs FL if there is any doubt in your mind about whether or not you fathered a child. There may be a way you can ask to avoid offending the other party, however. Here are some tips for requesting it that may help your situation just a little bit.

Mention the Benefits

One way that you can present the request for a paternity test without offending anyone is to express the many benefits it offers. Your child would be entitled to benefits that he or she wouldn’t be entitled to if the other parent’s identity wasn’t known. The custodial parent can receive child support for the child, as well.

Reassure That You Don’t Mean to Offend

Make sure that the other person knows you are doing it for the benefit of the child and not to offend any other party. Sometimes, people take a request for a paternity test as an unstated accusation. Let it be known that this is not the case, and you are not accusing anyone of anything. The other person will probably feel much better after that.

Talk About Peace of Mind

Let the other party know that everyone will be able to have peace of mind if all parties know the appropriate parentage. Everyone involved can immediately start making smarter decisions for the child and both families, as well. Paternity testing doesn’t take much time, and it can resolve a large amount of conflict.

If you present the subject in the above-mentioned manner, you should be able to avoid conflict. Contact a reputable attorney to help you with the paternity tests Coral Springs FL, if the other party gives you any trouble about taking it.

Contact or visit the website to ask for assistance obtaining a paternity test for yourself or the other party.

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